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About Us


We have been doing this for over two decades. We know what works and how to deliver the best training.

We laser-focus on exactly what you need to get YOUR job done. You want your team to get trained and get back to work in as little time as possible. We get it! We sit with you and listen to your needs. Then we design a comprehensive plan and course of action to build the skills you need to get your team to the next level.




01. Customized

It’s not a canned class or webinar. It’s your customized roadmap to get exactly what you need.

02. Live

Did we say it’s not a canned class or webinar? It’s not. A live trainer will be onsite with your team. Don’t work onsite? No problem, we can book a location central to the team or deliver the training live via Zoom or Webex.

03. Professional

Our instructors have been doing this a while! They are personable, professional and experts in their fields. They have or have had careers in the fields they now teach. Having been on both sides of the table makes them the best solution for you and your company’s success.

04. Guarantee

We guarantee the skills we train. If your team didn’t quite get it, or there’s something they need more time on, we’ll make it right. We guarantee it.
Jeff Wiatt
I have always felt there was something missing in the training environment... FLEXIBILITY.
Jeff Wiatt
President & CEO

Jeff Wiatt - President & CEO

With 25+ years of experience in the technology training field, Jeff has the knowledge and experience to assist his clients in getting the most out of their training sessions.

In his decades of training, Jeff has increased productivity for clients like JPL, Honda, Kaiser Permanente Southern California, Los Angeles Department of Public Health, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and Child Care Resource Center, just to name a few.

Jeff also has more than 20 years of experience developing websites and is an expert in HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, and WordPress.

He enjoys teaching and imparting his knowledge to others, so much so that he continues teaching classes as often as possible.


  • BS in Aviation, Utah Valley State College
  • Adobe Certified Expert / Instructor
  • Certified Private Pilot (yep, you read that right, he’s a pilot and tries to get out to fly whenever possible!)

Jeff has always taken a flexible approach to his classes, ensuring each trainee gets the maximum benefit from their training. He is also able to explain difficult concepts in a manner that students find easy to understand.

It’s one of the reasons he started his own training company.

“I have always felt there was something missing in the training environment…FLEXIBILITY. Too many schools and training centers focus on what THEY want to teach you. I wanted a training company that focused on what the client and their teams NEED to learn to be more productive.” – Jeff

And Jeff has built that. His focus on his client’s needs and what gives their team the best chance of success in meeting their goals, is what he and his team of exceptional instructors do best.