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Business Leadership Training

Leadership has numerous meanings and may include counseling, guiding, coaching, protecting, and motivating others. In business, leadership usually refers to bringing people together to accomplish tasks. People need a leader to take charge and communicate their vision. Some people are natural leaders, while others need leadership training to reach their full potential.

No matter the level, aspiring or current leadership benefit from business leadership training. Whether you want to strengthen your skill set or you’re aiming for an executive position, our business leadership training will give you the skills to inspire others, delegate tasks, and motivate employees to reach a common goal. You’ll also learn about different types of leadership and how you can maximize your natural aptitude.

We can accommodate teams and groups of any size and offer tiered coursework for a tailored learning experience. Each course is guided by a live instructor, and you can choose between online and in-person learning.

$150 – $550 / Person / Session
*based on number of people and whether class is public or private

private courses can be customized

For Groups Up to 15
*larger groups accommodated with multiple sessions

Virtual Public or Private Training with a Live Instructor
*private training offered onsite
for groups of 8 or more

These are the main topics covered in public Leadership courses.  Private courses can be customized to focus on the skillsets your team requires.

  • Understand the Learning Organization and the benefits when employees are committed to lifelong learning
  • Develop personal mastery with the five core principles of effective leadership
  • Achieving a shared vision and the importance to model our own commitment to seeking personal proficiency.
  • Develop a confident, professional leadership style.
  • Recognize that high trust on the part of a manager stimulates high worker performance
  • Maintain continuous, complete, and clear communication with all persons
  • Present and implement needed changes in a way that employees will more likely embrace
  • Improve productivity and save hours a week with effective time management skills
  • Identify that Leaders can be managers, but all managers are not necessarily leaders
  • Conduct effective performance appraisals that result in improved employee performance
  • Methods to conduct more effective job interviews
  • Create successful relationships where conflicts and disagreements are confronted and resolved
  • Strategies for a simple problem-solving process
  • Utilizing SWOT for effective strategic planning
  • Doing delegation right
  • Know your people, and how they prefer to receive feedback
  • Mastering your body language to be sure your words and your body are sending the same signal.
  • Feel confident and in control in meetings
  • Public speaking is an opportunity that leaders must learn to grasp at every opportunity.
  • Active listening takes more than being quiet while someone else is talking. It’s a method of support that takes effort to do correctly.
  • Develop a personal action plan now and in the future

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This Business Leadership Training course would be most beneficial for:

  1. Aspiring Leaders: Individuals who are aiming for a leadership position but lack the required skill set. This course will provide them with the knowledge and tools to become effective leaders.

  2. Current Leaders: People currently in leadership roles who are seeking to strengthen their existing skill set. They might want to improve their leadership style, become better at delegating tasks, or learn more about effective strategic planning.

  3. Managers: Individuals in managerial positions can benefit from this course as well, as it will help them understand that not all managers are necessarily leaders, and it will provide them with the skills to transition from a managerial role to a leadership one.

  4. Entrepreneurs: Those who are starting or running their own business can benefit from this course. It will help them understand how to lead their team effectively and how to inspire and motivate their employees.

  5. Teams: Groups of individuals who work together could benefit from this course as it can help improve team dynamics, promote effective communication, and ensure all team members are working towards the same goals.

  6. Human Resource Professionals: HR Professionals responsible for hiring, performance appraisals, and employee development can gain useful strategies for conducting effective interviews and improving employee performance.

  7. Individuals Seeking Personal Development: Anybody interested in personal growth, self-improvement, and building stronger relationships can benefit from the various strategies and techniques taught in this course.

  8. Students: Those studying business, management, or related fields may find this course useful as a supplement to their formal education, giving them a practical understanding of business leadership.

Please note that the course may be challenging for those without any prior experience in a business setting. However, anyone with an interest in leadership and a willingness to learn can benefit from the course content.

Carol has always had a passion for helping others in their journey for personal growth. She is a corporate Teacher, Trainer, eLearning Instructor and Program developer with 28 years of experience providing outstanding training for thousands of managers, employees and individuals. Carol is known for her dynamic, motivating and engaging instructional approach.
Michel is an experienced corporate trainer with 20 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He takes pride in having a unique training style, focusing as much on the ‘What’ and ‘Why’ as it is on the ‘How to’ factor. Michel’s classes showcase real life examples, comparisons, and analogies that all audiences can relate to and benefit from the simplicity of the presented material.
Where does the training take place?

Public courses are delivered online via Zoom with a live instructor.

Private courses can be delivered either online via Zoom or Webex, or we can bring the training to your location.

Talk to your Tech Touch Training Specialist about your options, and we will find a suitable option that best fits your needs and that of your team.

Does the training have a live instructor?

Absolutely! Whether you attend the training online or at your location, there is a live instructor delivering your class. No video recordings here.

Having a live instructor available so your team can ask questions and get real-time assistance, is the best training model for learning business skills. At Tech Touch, we want you to have the best learning experience possible, so live instruction is a must.

What are the training times?

Public class times are 8am – 3:30pm Pacific / 10am – 5:30pm Central.

For private courses you can choose any 7.5 hour time slot. Most of our clients prefer to have class times starting at 9 am and ending at 4 pm.

This is something your Training Specialist will discuss with you based on your needs and availability.

All sessions include a 1-hour lunch, and two 15-minute breaks.

Do we have to attend an all-day session, or can they be broken up into smaller sessions?

For public classes, yes.

For private training, this is one of the biggest reasons Tech Touch offers customized training solutions. Your time is valuable and your team may not be available to leave their work for an entire day. We can offer half-day options and/or break your training sessions up over multiple consecutive or non-consecutive days.

Be sure to discuss your options with your Training Specialist.


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