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Excel PivotTables Master Class

Certified Microsoft Excel PivotTables Training

One of the main improvements made to Excel in recent years is its capability to accumulate and to house an ever-growing data deposit. But the challenges go beyond amassing and managing an influx of data, they carry onto delivering meaningful summaries that aid us in reaching well-informed data-driven business decisions.

Dubbed as Excel’s most powerful tool, PivotTables at first glance can be tricky and somewhat overwhelming. But that couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

With a little understanding of simple data concepts and logical data structural designs, you will realize that PivotTables are truly one of the easiest tools to utilize.

And that is where this course comes in play. It delivers on the promise to simplify through relatable analogies the idea behind PivotTables and their functionality.

At completion, participants will have a deep understanding of PivotTables, as well as PivotCharts, and their working particulars.

Learn how to clean and prepare the data, build the PivotTable and modify its layouts and summaries to suit your needs, and add visualizations to it all with PivotCharts.

Benefits of Training Programs

  • Boost Employee Retention
  • Nurture Growth and Development
  • Build Confidence and Engagement
  • Foster a Sense of Belonging
  • Retain Top Talent
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction

$150 – $550 / Person / Session
*based on number of people


For Groups Up to 15
*larger groups accommodated with multiple sessions

Virtual or In-person Private Training with a Live Instructor
*no public classes

These are the topics covered in our Excel PivotTables Master Course. 

  • Data List/Range Vs Data Table
  • Converting A Data List/Range Into A Data Table
  • Converting a range into a table
  • Sorting And Filtering The Data
  • Why Do We Gather Data?
  • What Is A Pivot Table
  • What Does A Pivottable Look Like?
  • How A Pivottable Creates A Summary
  • Data Sources
  • Preparing Data
  • Categorical Vs Calculable Data
  • Creating The Pivottable
  • Pivottable from local data source
  • Pivottable from external data source
  • Pivottable From Multiple Worksheets
  • The 4 Areas Of The Pivottable
  • Subtotals – 2 or more fields placed
    in one of the 4 areas
  • Filtering By Row And Column Fields
  • Filtering By The Filter Field
  • Working With Slicers
  • Why Is It Called A Pivot Table?
  • Adding And Refreshing Data
  • Adding Data To A Range
  • Adding Data To A Table
  • Changing From The Default Sum
    Function Calculation
  • Drill-Down To Detailed Values
  • Calculated Fields
  • Inserting a calculated field
  • Deleting a calculated field
  • Built-In Calculations
  • Data Structure
  • Determining Which Field Goes Into Which
    Area Of The PivotTable
  • The categorical/textual store field:
  • The categorical/textual pizza-type field:
  • The calculable price field:
  • The calculable cost field:
  • The calculable quantity, gross, and profit fields
  • Insert A Timeline With A PivotTable Contextual Tabs
  • PivotTable Analyze Contextual Tab:
  • Design Contextual Tab
  • The Layout Group
  • Subtotals Button
  • Grand Totals Button
  • Report Layout Button
  • Blank Rows Button
  • PivotTable Style Option
  • PivotTable Styles 

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Michel is an experienced corporate trainer with 20 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He takes pride in having a unique training style, focusing as much on the ‘What’ and ‘Why’ as it is on the ‘How to’ factor. Michel’s classes showcase real-life examples, comparisons, and analogies that all audiences can relate to and benefit from the simplicity of the presented material.

What if I have learners that have different skills sets, some beginners and some more advanced?

Your training specialist will assist you with developing a curriculum that will ensure that no one is left behind. Depending on group size, your consultant may suggest delivering multi sessions so that beginning students don’t feel pressured and more advanced learners don’t feel like the pace is too slow.

Because every situation is different, it is best to discuss this with your Tech Touch Training Specialist, who will help you to come up with a plan that is both economical and efficient.

Where does the training take place?

Your customized training can be delivered either online via Zoom or Webex, or we can bring the training to your location. If you don't have a space at your site and would prefer not to attend the training online, we can find a location near you, for example at a hotel conference room or similar location.

Talk to your Tech Touch Training Specialist about your options, and we will find a suitable option that best fits your needs and that of your team.

What version do you teach?

Our team of expert instructors can deliver training in any version, so you will be able to learn on the exact version you are using for your projects.

Most businesses have access to the Microsoft 365 Business plans, which allows staff to download the latest version. The most recent version is what we recommend, as you will have the latest features and capabilities.

Tech Touch instructors keep up-to-date on the latest tools for each program in the Microsoft suite. Because our instructors are Microsoft Certified, they often get access to the latest version of these programs in advance of them being made available to the public, so they have familiarized themselves with the latest tools before you have access to them. Therefore, we are able to deliver your best training experience when you are.

Is the training with a live instructor?

Absolutely! Whether you attend the training online or at your location, there is a live instructor delivering your class. No video recordings here.

Having a live instructor available so your team can ask questions and get real-time assistance, is the best training model for learning programs in the Microsoft Office Suite. At Tech Touch, we want you to have the best learning experience possible, so live instruction is a must.

What are the training times?

Most of our clients prefer to have class times starting at 9 am and ending at 4 pm, with a 1-hour lunch period.  This is something your Training Specialist will discuss with you based on your needs and availability.

Do we have to attend an all-day session, or can they be broken up into smaller sessions?

This is one of the biggest reasons Tech Touch offers customized training solutions. Your time is valuable and your team may not be available to leave their work for an entire day. We can offer half-day options and/or break your training sessions up over multiple consecutive or non-consecutive days.

Be sure to discuss your options with your Training Specialist.

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With decades of experience in corporate training, we’re proven time and again that customized training programs are far more effective than cookie-cutter classes.

We put in the work beforehand to ensure that our programs meet your individual needs and goals with a laser-focus on exactly what you need to get YOUR job done.

At Tech Touch, we operate with integrity and passion. As such, we want to be your trusted training partner, not just a training company delivering a service.

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