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  • November 9
    1 day, 9:00 AM PST - 4:30 PM PST
    Presented by Carol Spear
    Online via Zoom
    $350.00 per person
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    Embark on a journey to master the essentials of Microsoft Word 2021/365 with our beginner's course. This course equips you with fundamental skills needed to create, format, and manage Word documents effectively. Navigate the Word interface confidently and understand how to perform essential document management tasks including creating, opening, editing, printing, and closing documents.

    Learn the art of text formatting, from applying simple text styles to creating elegant lists and customizing paragraphs, pages, and sections. Unleash your creativity by adding and managing graphics in your documents, and using Word's drawing tools to create unique, engaging content.

    The course also covers important aspects of document review, teaching you to use Word's powerful spelling, grammar, and autocorrect tools to polish your content. Discover Quick Part building blocks and learn how to create detailed outlines for efficient document planning. Plus, you'll gain expertise in file search within Word, ensuring no document is ever out of reach.

    By the end of this course, you'll have a solid foundation in Word, ready to produce well-formatted, polished documents with ease and confidence.

    Creating and Editing Documents
    • Identifying components of the Word screen
    • Document management tasks (e.g. creating, opening, editing, printing, and closing documents)
    Formatting Text and Printing
    • Applying and removing text formatting
    • Using various tools to modify and replicate formatting
    Formatting Documents
    • Formatting paragraphs, pages, and sections
    • Applying bulleted and numbered lists and styles
    Insert and Work with Pictures
    • Managing images in the document
    Reviewing Documents
    • Correcting documents using spelling, grammar, and autocorrect tools
    • Using Quick Part building blocks and creating outlines
    File Search
    • Searching for files within Word
    Drawing In Word
    • Creating and enhancing drawing objects
    • Manipulating drawings and placing them within the document text

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    Who should attend?

    This beginner's Microsoft Word course is perfect for:

    • Beginners: Individuals who are new to Microsoft Word and want to gain foundational knowledge and skills in creating professional-looking documents.

    • Students: High school, college, or university students who require Word for writing reports, essays, or thesis papers.

    • Office Workers: Professionals who need to create, edit, or manage documents as part of their roles, such as administrative assistants, project coordinators, or managers.

    • Job Seekers: Individuals preparing for job interviews, especially roles that involve writing reports, creating documents, or preparing written communication.

    • Educators: Teachers, lecturers, or tutors who want to create engaging learning materials or grade student essays and assignments.

    • Writers: Aspiring or established authors, bloggers, or journalists who want to learn how to use Word to create, format, and edit their work.

    • Small Business Owners: Entrepreneurs who need to create business plans, letters, reports, or other professional documents.

    No prior knowledge of Word is required. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the software, making it an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to enhance their digital literacy.


    The course assumes that students know how to use a computer, and that they are familiar with Microsoft Windows. It does not assume that they’ve used a different version of Word or another word processing program.

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